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Our Girls.
Available Pups
Past Puppies

Elena's Cleopatra from Queen Cleopatra
January 2004 (Retired 10/28/2009)
Mercedes of Queen Cleopatra
March 2006 (Retired Nov. 2009)
First Lady's "Icing on the Cake"
December 2008
Cleopatra's "Let Sweet Hosanna's Ring"  (Anna)
 July 28th 2008
Retired - Summer 2011

EvenSong and Edelweiss
(Evie and Mitzi)

Evensong and her sister Edelweiss are daughters of Mercedes and Tazor and are Biewer Carriers.  Born December of 2007 they had their first litters in 2009 and gave us some beautiful babies that have made some family's very happy.  

Evie is a stunning little girl and by far one of our favorites.. she has an awsome coat, the most amazing face and a personality with "tude"!  Her sister Edelweiss lives with my friend Roberta and is the princess of the house.. we are very proud of both of these special girls and they are a big part of our breeding focus to bring new lines into the Biewer pedigrees. 

Evie and Mitzi have both now retired. A BIG Thank You to these two beautiful girls and the help they have given us at Greenwood!! We couldn't be prouder of what they have produced ... we have "Zippity Do Dah" and "Stay with Me Diana" to carry on their wonderful lines!! 
Retired July 2013

Sweet, Gentle.. loving.. quiet.. devoted.. that is our Icee.. a bit shy but never more than a foot from my side.. she is my love!.
Icee has been retired April 2013
Icee still lives here at Greenwood

"Stay With Me Diana" 
Retired summer 2017

"Diana is the daughter of Mitzi and Sunny"
Our little Parti Girl.."Garden Parti Bree", Daughter of Dazzle and Bubba.  Thanks to my good friend Trudy for letting this sweet little thing come into our home and be part of the PARTI . Bree is an AKC registered Parti Yorkie.
Introducing Ginja Peach.. our AKC Golden Yorkie...

Ginja is such a Sweet little thang.. and we thank our friend Barb Booth allowing us to have another one of her wonderful puppies!  

We just can't get enough of these beautiful colors and darling sweet faces... look for little golden treasures in upcoming years!
Beautiful Dreamer

Elton John (on the males page)

Our Pride and Joy, such stunning, loving, precious souls.. they are a true blessing.

Imported from Brigitte Piros a lovely breeder in Germany, these two graced our home at the end of 2012 and I'm sure will start a grand tradition of their own this side of the "Pond" by the end of this year.  I couldn't be happier with these two wonderful, charming dogs and I'm so pleased that they have come to live with us! Thank you Brigitte!!
Retired from their service, forever in our hearts !!!
These amazing ladies have been part of our program but more than that, part of our lives and part of our very souls... they have given of themselves and produced beautiful, sweet babies and graced many happy homes with love. These precious "mommies' continue out their lives as a special pampered and royal guest in hand picked homes where they are treated with the love and respect that they have earned.  We can't thank them enough for all they have given us, and for all they continue to give to those lives they touch every day.. they have always been our SPECIAL GREENWOOD GALS.. and we love them with every ounce of our being.
Fleurette la'Creme.. Retired 2014
Zippity Do Dah.. Retired  Summer 2015
Isabella  Retired Fall 2015
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KP's Espy- Such a Parti Girl
Huge thank you to Karen Prescott for this lovely girl.. she is sweet with great structure.. she is being a great mommy and has beautiful babies! Espy is an AKC Parti Yorkshire
Bree's WIL -O- Wisp is the newest addition at Greenwood. 
Born April 8, 2017​ she will be joining our Greenwood Gals with hopes of continuing to produce healthy, well socialized Beautiful AKC Parti Yorkies to enrich the lives of their new families.