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Hint: Try using real food for treats like slivers of cabbage, celery, pieces of tomato, green beans (cooked is best), broccoli slices, peppers (not hot), Brussels sprouts, and other low cal veggies. instead of commercial treats. Yorkies put on weight very quickly and remember that being overweight is very, very hard on their heart, kidneys, trachea, and knees over time. Keep them trim and keep them healthy!
Tip: Remember to use LESS
Frontline if you need it because of a problem with ticks. Try starting with .4 (4/10) of a cc. for a 6-7 lb yorkie and much less for a smaller one. You can always add more, but you can't take away what you have already put on.
Essential Oils can be an effective replacement for Frontline. Try NaturesInventory wellness oil Flea and Tick www.vitaminlife.com 866-998-8855
Regarding Raw Food: I use Northwest Naturals or Primal Raw Diet on all of my dogs and do not foresee anything that would compel me to go back to feeding them kibble. I start as puppies and feed to all ages, but highly recommend "real food" for all older yorkies. (6 years and older)

Yorkies who have digestive issues and do not do well on kibble, can do very, very well with this commercial raw food. The enzymes in the raw food help with digestion and in fact this food is much easier to digest than kibble.

  As your yorkie ages, it is less able to handle some of the things we humans practice for our convenience....like dry kibble. Contrary to popular writings, kibble does not help with keeping teeth clean.

Please call your breeder immediately if you see any signs of distress in your yorkie. In many cases you do not have DAYS to figure something out.. only hours. 
Tip: The best probiotic I have found is K-9 Digest Forte. I order it from EntirelyPets.com It was developed specifically for folks who feed the raw food diet, but also works well for keeping your little dog's intestinal tract healthier. I have also found it seems to help keep ears clean and free of problem yeast and bacteria growths (when used regularly over time).
The Parti Yorkie-the definition of Parti -is per AKC- Parti-color Two or more definite, well-broken colors, one of which must be white. For example, Black Parti-color would be black and white. If you hear the term Parti Yorkie, they are talking about the color of the yorkie. The Parti yorkie is not a separate breed, it is a yorkshire terrier. The Parti stuck in front of the name to describe its color. AKC registers them only as a yorkshire terrier and the color on the papers will say for example(black/blue, white and tan/gold Parti color) Where the regular yorkies colors are black/blue and tan/gold. No white.  

  The Nikko's line is the line of Parti color yorkies most people are familiar with here in the USA.  
The Tri- color had been showing up in litters since 1984 and Nikkos Kennel had been quietly placing them in pet homes and asking people not to say where they got them.
  Crownridge and Summit had obtained Parti colored puppies from Nikkos kennels and wanted them AKC registered with their true parti-colors . So in 1999 they convinced Nikkos Kennel to go to AKC and get them registered as yorkshire terriers parti color.
    The Biewer Yorkshire a la' Pom Pon is a tri-colored Yorkshire Terrier

  Born from two Jr Champion Traditional Yorkshire Terriers

The Original Biewer Yorkshire A' La Pom Pons were Yorkshire Terriers.

  How the Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom Pon came to be is as follows:

  In the 1970's Mr Biewer purchased alot of dogs from Streamglen Kennels, Streamglen Richard DOB:10/6/1972(photo) and Streamglen Flora. being 2 of them. Streamglen Richard was a consistant championship show winner and became German Champion(photo). Mr. Biewer raised most of his dogs from Streamglen Richard. (Image from the KC Calendar and StudBook 1974

These dogs were the foundation of what is known as the Biewer Yorkshire A la Pom-Pon
Special Thanks to my friends Trudy Delich and Debbie Mullins for some of the "tips" and Thoughts on this page.  Both of these ladies are exceptional breeders and I recommend them highly.

Trudy lives in MN and breeds Parti yorkies and standard colored yorkies .  Her website is :

Debbie lives in Kentucky, she has done a lot of research on both Parti and Biewers and if you are interested, it would be well worth your time to go spend some time on her website.. it is fascinating information.
We can now show the Parti yorkie in TWO venues here in the states!! The ICKC and the IABCA will now be allowing the Parti yorkie in the IABCA shows them as a YORKIE with a color variation.. More news to follow!!!



I have still been seeing so much misinformation being posted day after day on the Biewers and Parti yorkies that I thought I would fill in a few facts .Believe me I have done my research on this subject. I traced so many dogs down and know this to be facts. I will try to make this short as I can but still get to the points.
The Piebald gene has been around in Yorkshire Terriers for years. In the “old”days there was no genetic testing, all they went on was the color born. When a Yorkie was born and had too much white they would do away with them obviously thinking it was a defective puppy or a cull as they would say. Not born of the right color for the Yorkshire Terrier standard. What they didn't realize was that those two parents were Piebald carriers and would go on to breed them to other dogs that were not carriers and get standard color puppies but some of those standard color puppies would carry the hidden piebald gene to be passed on generation to generation.
The first records I have viable proof they were born from two standard yorkies in the USA is from Joan Gordon herself. She said they started in England. Joan Gordon and Janet Bennett's Wildweir Kennel had a male Parti color born into their kennel in 1976 from two of their Championed lined yorkies. That was 8 years before you ever heard of a tri color being born in Germany. They did not put him down but did register him. They had to register him as black and tan at that time. (Wildweir Triplicate.) They did not breed him but gave him to a friend when he was 2 years old. Joan and Janet published a book in 1979 page 205 stating that "Yorkshire Terriers can be born all black,all tan, tan with black points,tri color:black white and tan, all blue, and bluish grey with tan points " The tri color (Parti color) was recognized by AKC in 2000 after extensive DNA. There were several lines of tri colors being produced in the United States. Nikko's being the first to having several start showing up in their breeding. Tri colors also showed up coming from breeding's to Hylan Acres Champion Male Ridin the Storm. Do note that Riding the Storms pedigree traces back to Finstal Royal Icing which in turn traces back to Streamglen also. 
The piebald color in yorkies was imported into Germany (Mr Biewer) from the records I traced from Streamglen yorkies. In the 1970's Mr Biewer purchased some dogs from Streamglen and bred them and in 1984 two of those offspring's produced a tri colored yorkie puppy. That tri color puppy came from 2 registered Jr Champion Yorkshire Terriers. Mr Biewer registered his puppy with KFT but they told him that they would register any that came from 2 standard color Yorkshire terriers but that they would not register anything out of the tri-color dogs, they were marked not for breeding. Some of his first tri-colors are registered with KFT. Mr. Biewer really like the tri color so he kept breeding them. The tri colors he had did have docked tails until Europe outlawed the docking of tails and cropping of ears. He decided to make a new registry because the KFT would not recognize them. He soon decided to call them the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier A la Pom Pon. 
After his death the popularity picked up on them and some people in the United States were demanding more and more of the Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pons. That is were the dissensions between the Biewer and the Parti color Yorkshire terriers began. Biewer Yorkshire terrier clubs began popping up and promoting it under numerous different names. It began an all out war in the Biewer yorkie world in the USA that is still going on to this day over what the dog really is. 
Some clubs keep promoting it as a breed of its own, how did that come about unless there were other breeds bred into it after it came to the USA? The BTCA says it is a breed of its own (Biewer Terrier) showing other breeds mixed in it so they can get into AKC because that is the only way they can get it into AKC.They say the Biewer terrier is not a yorkie and has other breeds in it .. I agree, the Biewer Terrier is not a yorkshire terrier.It is a a breed with a mix of other breeds bred into it to get a new breed. What they do not have is a true Biewer Yorkshire Terrier A la Pom pon. Mr. Biewers yorkies were pure Tri color Yorkshire terriers, not another breed.
Now brings me to this point on people still saying they are separate breeds in Europe that the Biewer, Biro, Goldust, Ocean Pearl etc are all separate breeds. How can this be ? You can have a Biewer and a Biro born in the same litter and a Goldust and an Ocean Pearl born in the same litter or you can one of all 4 colors born in the same litter so how can they be SEPARATE BREEDS of one another. I can tell you , they aren't, they are all variations of color in the Yorkshire terrier the same as the chocolate, sable,blondes and Parti colors are here in the states.You cannot have two or three separate breeds come from the same litter. They All are Yorkshire Terriers. The Parti color yorkshire Terrier and the Biewer Yorkshire A La Pom pon are one in the same just from different countries, different ways of promoting them.

This was written by Deb Mullins and was used with permission.. visit her website at Snowblueyorkies.com for more on this subject.