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Past Puppies/Gallery
Millies "C" litter Summer 2007
Grampa Bud with a lap full of his favorites!!
  Millies "B" litter  Spring 2006
Napolean and Nobel, Cleo's Boys
Our Very First Biewer.. Oh Danny Boy.. such a precious little fella, will be loved by us forever.  His mommy is Robin, daddy is Mr. Wicket.  Danny Boy is Now the Famous "ROCKEY" and Lives with NJ in Philly, has lot's of playmates, visits nursing homes and does agility!

First Lady and Mr. Wicket gave us a beautiful litter of 5..  Icing on the Cake stayed here with us and we hope to have some wonderful babies from her in late 2010.
Kali and Kaiser.. Kali is a stunning little girl who is a Biewer carrier.. she is living with a very nice family in Minnesota as a cherished pet.. Kaiser moved to Wisconsin and lives with my good friend Nancy.. hopefully some day will see some little Kaisers strolling those Wisconsin hills!
MILO This stunning fella is a Biewer carrier and is living in Michigan with Renee.. he is a special boy as he is from Cleopatra's last litter and will be carrying  on her magnificant lines... we have high hopes for this boy.

His sister Moriah lives in California with Lisa
Evensong and Edelweiss.. the heart of our program.
Nancy just sent this photo of Kaiser and Leopold.. don't they look GREAT! They are now brothers and best of friends and living in Wisconsin... I still get to see them a couple times a year.. YIPPEEE for ME !!!
Kaiser and

Wriggley (Leopold)

May 2010
Milo strutten is stuff at an IABCA show in Hutchinson.. getting his International Title!!  YEA MILO and Renee!!!
WOOHOO... This is Dexter who lives in Sunny California with Amy, her husband and their new baby Ruby and is a brother to Darby and Rozi. The little boy to the left is  Enzo.. our Utah boy.. brother to our little Icee Princess!!  Their family's are good friends so they get to spend time visiting every so often.. Thanks sooo much for the photos Diana!!! (and congratulations on the new "skin baby" Amy)  Dexter was from one of our Early litters ("D" litter, Enzo used to be IKE from the "I" litter,
This is Nigel and he is living in Woodbury MN.. I just recieved these photos of him as he is exploring his brand new home with his new family... Thank sooo much for these great photos!!!  I'm sure his brothers Nelson and Nicholas miss him something terrible, I know we all do!!
Liam and Leopold.. such beautiful boys.. they will hold a special place in my heart forever.. we have come through alot together and they mean the world to me!

Update Sir Galahad:  Here's Galahad (Laddie) as a puppy and here is "Lenny" at his new home all grown up!!  Lenny gets to go camping and hiking and is a real "out doors" kind of guy.  Thanks for sending the photo Kim.. I looove seeing these kidos!!!
Update: Nelson and Liam.. here are sweet Nelson and lovely Liam, they now live in Austin MN and are the best of buddies.. aaaawwww... they are soo cute!  Brother Leo say's HI little brother ~
Here's Nelson and Liam's Christmas Picture.. Thanks for keeping us up to date with these cute little fella's Karen!!!
This is our darling "Uma".. she has gone to live with a wonderful family and has some new best friends named Adison and Logan.  She helps Adison with her homework (as you can see in the photo) and even goes to the beach  "stylin" in her very own life jacket so she stays safe while boating!  OOOh, what an excitng new life she has and what a blessing it was to find such a wonderful family for her to become a part of.